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Things To Know

You are not officially a part of our network until you have "Joined" our team. Please keep us in the loop and let us know when you have completed CSP101, this is what we are here for.

Everyone Must Pass Voice 

Assessment and Background Check

Start-up Fees

When you become a URS CSP you are require to have a noise Free environment. 



Most clients will pay $4.00-$6.00 per interval.  ($8 - $12 PER HOUR) An interval is 30 minutes.  Pay is referred to this way because when you are selecting your schedule you are allowed to select 30 minutes at a time, commonly referred to on the Arise network as an interval.

FAQ: How Long before I start earning money?  You start earning revenue as soon as you have completed and passed your certification, then you are released into production. Production is when you are taking live calls, also can be referred to as servicing or working.    Some companies you are able to start earning revenue during the end of your certification because you are paid during nesting.  Nesting is a period of traing in which you are taking live calls.

FAQ: How do you get paid? Arise Virtual Solution will invoice Ultimate Reflection Services, then URS will provide you with the same invoice along with a check deposit. FAQ: How often do I get paid? This is issue twice a month (Biweekly).Everyone earns wages of at least minimum wage for servicing hours.

FAQ: How long is traing before I start earning money?

The training you will be required to take varies by opportunity you choose. Some companies your are able to start earning revenue in as little as two weeks while others ceritification can take up to 10 weeks.

Everyone is resposible a background check CSP101 as well as there training fees that is provided by arise university for the client you choose to service. .

FAQ: Why do I have to pay for my own background check and training? Answer: Working from home through URS is more of a partnership compared to an employee to employer type relationship. You are considered as a subcontractor which me and you are responsible for all your cost which is tax deductible.

Training / Production


*Arise enrollment process takes 7-10 days. You also must commit to taking your CSP101 within 5days of completing the enrollment process. In order to have great productivity, then Internet requiements must be met. Arise only permits the use of High Speed Broadband Internet providers. Cable or DSL internet service. No Wireless or Satellite are NOT permitted at ANY time to serve your Arise Clients.

FAQ: Do I get to pick my training schedule?  Each opportunity offers a selection of certification courses for you to enroll in. The certification classes are a set schedule but you have an option on the times. This gives you the option to choose which certification course will work best with your schedule.

FAQ: When do I have control over my work schedule?  Once you have completed and passed certification you will be able to start selecting your hours in the starmatic system.  Starmatic is the scheduling system used for CSP's to select their work hours for their particular client.  You can work or select  whatever hours  that will fit your schedule, as long as you select and work at least the minimum amount of hours your are required of you as stated in your SOW (Statement of Work).  


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